While at my desk this week, I opened a email about a recent death. The email had a great line in that we should send flowers while someone is alive rather than waiting till death. I thought about and it makes perfect sense. So I thought I would express my gratitude to my first mentor. It is not flowers but I wanted to say thank you.

Nashville Lawyer Jack Butler offered me a job right out of law school. Jack taught moot court at the Nashville School of Law for years. He offered me a job and I took it. I started in his office in December 1994. Jack assigned me a case to help him try in January.

Here is short story of my first trial. We worked out who was doing what part of the trial. The major part of the trial was a recreation of the breath test. My first role was jury selection. After lunch, we were supposed to start the trial with opening statement. jack wasn’t back yet. The judge asked me if I was ready. I stood up and stated to the court that jack wasn’t back yet. The judge told me that Jack told the judge he wasn’t coming back. So off I went.

The big part of the trial was a recreation of the breath test. Our client took a asthma inhaler right before the breath test. it made a big difference in the result. When I got back to the office, Jack asked how much time did the judge give him. My reply was none. Jack responded that he had to give him some jail. My response was not if the  jury found him not guilty.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Jack for being my first mentor. Thanks. I will remember you for as long as I live. For my old lawyer friends take someone under your wing and pass on your experience.

Jack is not in the best health right now. I would hope those that knew him or were taught by him to send him a card on how he helped them in their legal career.