Former Tennessee Supreme Court Justice William Koch was invested as the Dean of the Nashville School of Law this past weekend. After years of service on the Tennessee Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court, Dean Koch was named the Dean of the Nashville School of Law in the spring of this year.

The Nashville School of Law (NSL) has a unique mission in providing legal education to it’s students. It provides an avenue for students to obtain a law degree at night. Most students at the NSL work during the day then attend classes at night while often supporting their family. The school provides an opportunity to get a legal education they might not otherwise obtain. Classes are taught by practicing lawyers and judges who teach real life law with practical applications rather than a traditional law school that might be focused on the abstract.

Tony Gonzalez of WLPN reported on Dean Koch’s appointment. After listening to to the piece while driving to court one morning, I knew Dean Koch was the right choice. Dean Koch embraced the history and tradition of the school in producing top notch lawyers and judges. One trait that Dean Koch praises is that most of the students have life experiences outside of law school which makes them better to jump into practicing law. NSL lawyers mix work experience and the law to make themselves a well rounded lawyer rather than study the law in a vacuum of academia.

One component of Dean Koch’s agenda is to engage the alumni.  support him in that endeavor. I am proud to be a graduate of the Nashville School of Law. For my first two years of law school. I left work at six and sped to class. I worked everyday then off to classes that went to ten. My last two years of law school, I clerked for a local trial judge. I was able to see what happens in the courtroom and apply the real world with what I learned. My path is not dissimilar than most students. I applaud Dean Koch’s appointment. I encourage all former graduates to get behind our new Dean.