Last week , I was returning from Chicago where I gave a presentation to the folks that attended the DUIDLA summer session. Here is a short listing of some of the  topics that were presented.

  • Cross-examination
  • Canadian Travel When One has A DUI Conviction
  • FAA Reporting and Pilot Medical Clearance Issues
  • Crime Lab Discovery
  • Blood Alcohol Defenses
  • Challenging Breath Test Results

These were just a sampling of the topics presented. The point is does it matter what continuing education courses (CLE) that your DUI lawyer takes. All lawyers in Tennessee are required to take 15 hours of CLE each year.  Some lawyers take what ever course is the cheapest. It does not make any difference what course they take. It could be divorce law , probate law or any other course. Another method of taking classes is to take any class in order to meet the deadline. I knew of one lawyer who took an Admiralty course just to comply with the deadline. Some lawyers take CLE courses strictly in their field of practice in order to keep abreast of the changes in their field.

Hiring the right DUI lawyer is an important decision. One of the questions you might ask is what course do you take to satisfy your CLE. Do you want a DUI lawyer that takes courses that keep them up to date on the new trends in DUI defense or do you want a lawyer who takes courses in some random area of the law. One thing is certain , the assistant district attorneys who are prosecuting DUI cases across Middle Tennessee are being trained in DUI prosecution. Maybe you should hire a well trained lawyer as well.