I made a court appearance today in Van Buren County Tennessee today. I have appeared in all Middle Tennessee counties with the exception of Cannon County Tennessee . It was a beautiful drive especially between Sparta and Spencer. Here is a little information on the general sessions court procedure.

General Sessions Court in Van Buren County happens on Thursday. After you have been arrested , your first court appearance will be in a week or so from the date of arrest . The first court date is not that big of a deal. No police officer is present . If you need time to hire a lawyer , the court will grant you a continuance . At the first court date , you may be able to settle the case via a plea bargain . The second court will be critical. The officer is subpoenaed and you must be ready to deal with your case.

One side note , Highway 111 is often a shortcut for folks traveling to and from Bonnaroo . So ,obey the speed limit and travel safely.