I planned to follow up to yesterday’s post on defending non-citizens. However , I read about a proposed law in Oklahoma that made me change my mind. An Oklahoma senator has proposed a bill to prohibit those convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) from buying alcohol. Citizens convicted of DUI would be issued a new identification card that would state " Alcohol Restricted".

The real penalty would be on those businesses or individuals who provided alcohol to those with a alcohol restricted identification. It would be a felony for someone to "knowingly deliver ,sell or furnish alcoholic beverages to those who have been ordered to abstain from alcoholic beverages. The proposed law possibly creates a nightmare .

Imagine serving someone a beer at a tailgate to someone who has been ordered not to drink. Restaurant owners checking every patron’s identification.  How can a state enforce this type of law. New Mexico considered a very similar law in 2013 which was later abandoned.

Sometimes , I wonder if state legislators think about crazy laws to propose in hopes of just getting reelected . Legislators need to show some common sense. Soon everything will be illegal in the effort to combat law breakers.