The Fair DUI Flyer created quite a stir recently. A copy of the image is at the top of the post.  Recently , someone used the flyer and entered  a DUI checkpoint using the information in the flyer. The basic concept is that you put your driver’s license in a bag and stick it on the outside of your window. When you roll up to the DUI check point , you don’t roll your wind down so the police can’t smell alcohol.  The video of this tactic went viral.Cute trick. I imagine they got the idea from a DUI checkpoint video from Murfreesboro, Tn which was videoed and the citizen did everything a lawyer would suggest.

The Fair DUI Flyer takes it a step further by putting the documents on the outside of the window. In theory , the police have access to the required documents therefore no interaction is required. How would the Fair DUI  Flyer play out under Tennessee law ?

Tennessee Code Annotated 55-50-351 requires a driver’s license shall display the license on demand when operating a motor vehicle . It appears the Fair  DUI Flyer complies with Tennessee law depending on your definition of display.  Tennessee motorists also has to display proof of insurance and valid registration.. One could put the documents in a bag displaying the information. My guess is it would be dropped in the plastic baggie and the police office would ask you to get it out.

Here is my thought on the Fair DUI Flyer . I wouldn’t try it out on the road .  It is cute for a video trick but in the real world putting your license taped to your window is asking for a trip to the jail. One takeaway is to have your registration and proof of insurance in a clear plastic envelope so you can easily give it to police. remember, don’t photo copy your driver’s license and put it in the bag too. It is a crime to display a photo copy of your license in Tennessee.