Last Sunday , I was enjoying my early morning routine of French press coffee , reading the Tennessean , New York Times , and Twitter. I came across a tweet from attorney Lee Rosen about a blog post from lawyer Liz  Davies . The topic of the post was " How to tell your parents your getting a divorce". it made me think about that same issue in my practice . Since Nashville is a college town with Vanderbilt , Belmont , David Lipscomb , and Tennessee State , I represent a lot of college students facing DUI and criminal charges . It gave me the idea for today’s post. How to tell your parents that you were arrested ?

  • You don’t have to tell them and handle it yourself.

If you do , here are some thoughts;

  • Your parents first reaction will be disappointment .Be ready to deal with it .
  • Explain what generally happened .
  • Do not give facts about the case . Precise facts should be shared only with your lawyer.
  • Tell your parents what you learned from the situation.
  • Tell your parents how you are going to avoid it from happening again and mean it.
  • Tell your parents what your thoughts are on resolving the criminal charges.
  • Once you or your parents hire a lawyer , have a telephone conference with you , your lawyer , and your parents to discuss the framework of the case and strategy. Again , do not discuss the details of the case with anyone except your lawyer.

If your in college , keep your parents in the loop about what is going on with the case. Your parents are invested in your education and future.

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