I had posted some suggestions set out by lawyer Nicole Black on how to be a happy lawyer . One of her suggestions is to take control of your calendar . I could not agree more. Criminal defense lawyers in Nashville, Tennessee calendars are set by the court. Settlement dates, arraignments , motion hearings , trials , plea dates are set by the court or the clerk. Lawyers must gain control of their calendar in order to establish a work-life balance. This week a trial court set a murder trial for a defense lawyer on the week of his wedding which might be over the top.

What do we need to do in order to gain control of our calendar and our lives ?

  • When we file a motion in criminal court , put a notice of when you want the motion to be heard rather than filing the motion and getting the notice from the clerk when you have a conflict.
  • Block out some personal time or vacation time for 2015 now.
  • Block out the day after you get back to catch up , return calls ,  and take care of office business rather than launch into a trial on your first day back.
  • Set all of your cases on one day. In the new domestic violence docket , you might be able to set all your cases on one day of the month.
  • Block out time of the week for you. last summer , I left the office at 4:30 every Wednesday to play nine holes of golf in a weekly tournament.

Practicing law is hard enough without placing undue stress on yourself. Lord knows I have been doing it for years I have often had court in different counties at the same time. I just hope I can start practicing what I am preaching.