This scene happens all too often . No court today because I was finishing up a brief that is due soon. I get a phone call from a family law attorney.

Attorney: Can a client avoid jail under Tennessee law ?

Me: No

Attorney: What about public service or the DUI Education Center ?

Me: No Public service. No DUI Education Center because the judge in your case will not allow it.

Attorney: How did you know who the judge was ?

Me: I looked it up and read the warrant of your client. Did you think about the traffic stop ? The community caretaker exception may not apply.

Attorney: What is the community care taking function ? I just wanted to plead them guilty .

Bottom line was that a family law attorney got a DUI case . The attorney wanted a quick fee. The family lawyer knows jack about a DUI case. No thought about the case. No knowledge of the law. No advice on how a DUI conviction impacts a person’s life.

The take away is to hire a experienced  DUI Defense Lawyer.

Do not hire a divorce lawyer, a civil lawyer , or any other type of lawyer. DUI law is specialized. Hire a professional