Chas Sisk and Walter F. Roche Jr. reported today that Governor  Haslam is in favor of making the 12 hour hold before a person can be released on bond mandatory. My prediction is that state legislators will be fighting each other over the chance to sponsor the proposed change . Kathy Walsh executive director of the Tennessee Coalition To End Domestic  Violence and Sexual Assault  added these comments;

“We certainly want to protect victims,” Walsh said, “but we also have to consider the rights of the accused.”

The story reported that the Nashville Davidson County General Sessions judges approved a measure that only the three judges that are currently assigned to hear domestic violence cases can waive the 12 hour hold . It appears that the magistrates will no longer be making this decision.

Here is a follow up to yesterday’s post.

  • In Nashville domestic violence cases , I have been advised that the time entered is when the complaint number  is generated by emergency dispatch. So the time is before the actual arrest.
  • My statement on the 12 hour hold being waived is based on my personal experience . In the past , I have been contacted by an accused ,taken them to booking , and present my case as to the amount of bond and why the 12 hour should be waived due to the time of the alleged crime and time of surrender. I have discovered the magistrates in Nashville do not unilaterally waive the 12 hour hold.
  • Here is a link to a copy of the order setting bond in domestic abuse cases. It is a form order. The court makes no written specific findings of whether the court believes the threat of domestic violence is imminent .

Tomorrow , I will answer some questions that have been commented on here on the blog. Have a question ? Please feel free to post a comment.

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