Senator Mae Beavers led the passage for one of the dumbest laws ever passed by the Tennessee Senate. The Open Carry Firearms Freedom Act  would allow a person to openly carry a firearm around the streets of Tennessee . No more of those pesky handgun permits where your criminal record is checked . No more of those firearm safety classes. Just strap your Glock on your side and walk around. Beavers stressed the true point was removing the $ 115.00 fee for the carry permit.

The number one goal of government is to ensure the safety of the public. I for one will not be safe knowing that most people will now have a gun in their car , purse or strapped on their side. I am sure the police and law enforcement want everybody to be armed when they stop someone for a speeding ticket.

The days of the wild west is over . Gunfights in the streets belong in a different era. I have not heard one complaint about the handgun carry permit process .The cost is small for some basic checks for the safety of the public. I own firearms , but this bill is insane . Our Legislature is out of control or better yet is controlled by special interest groups like the gun lobby. My only hope is that the House will stop this bill. I have seen what a handgun does. It kills people , lives destroyed ,heartbreak. This bill will create more shootings . The violence must stop.