In May , voters across Tennessee will be going to the polls to cast their vote for their elected officials including judges . Most folks outside the court system know little if anything about the candidates for judicial office. In fact , there has been some discussion on social media recently about the qualifications that a candidate should have to be a judge.

It has been awhile since Tennesseans have voted for judge . So , I am offering a open invitation for all candidates for judicial offices to post their qualifications here at the Nashville Criminal Law Report. Here are the guidelines ;

  • A  summary of your qualifications should be send to me via email
  • It should not exceed 800 words. According to the research 800 words is the maximum someone will read on the Internet.
  • The article will be unedited.
  • It will contain a link to your website.
  • It will not be an endorsement .
  • I will publish your post via the blog and other forms of social media .
  • It is open to all judicial candidates in Nashville and surrounding counties.
  • I will not reject any post.
  • I will vet the post so that I know it came from the real candidate.

I look forward to receiving your posts . I know it is difficult voting for a judge . I have several good friends running and in some cases against each other.


I wonder if anyone will take me up . Good Luck to all candidates.