Your nervous when you go to a lawyer’s office to decide if you should hire them. You have a list of questions hopefully that you want to ask . Experience. Have you handled a case like mine ? What is best case or worst case ? There are a ton of questions depending on the case. The first meeting is one of the most important meetings in preparing your case and choosing your criminal defense lawyer. Now there are some things you should tell your lawyer or they should ask.

1. Do you have a criminal record ? A prior criminal conviction can be used to enhance your punishment . Your lawyer needs to know your complete record. It can help you in plea bargaining the case .If you don’t have a record it can also help you. You may be eligible for a special probation under Tennessee laws . It can also be a factor if you wish to testify in your own defense.

2. Have you ever been on probation ? One key fact is have you ever been on probation. Your performance on probation is critical.

3. Are you a U.S. citizen ? A criminal conviction may have severe collateral consequences on your status in this country . Your lawyer needs to know this fact.

4.Do you have any charges pending ? It is amazing that some folks don’t disclose that they currently have a charge pending and are looking for a lawyer . The left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing.

5.Tell your lawyer what you goals are in this case. Want a dismissal ? Want to avoid jail ? Want to  avoid a DUI conviction.

These are the main things you should tell your criminal defense lawyer. The answer to some of these questions may impact the direction your case takes.