Troubled Titan’s wide receiver Kenny Britt now uses his smart phone to record the police when they question him. USA Today reported that a number of NFL players are now video recording their encounters with police officers. Britt is no stranger to the law having been arrested or facing charges since 2010. Britt now reports that police let him go after they find out he is video taping them.

The question is whether  all citizens should  video tape their interactions with police. I would submit it is a great idea. Most police officers in Nashville, Tennessee do not have video cameras. Only , the DUI enforcement unit , aggressive driving unit , and the drug interdiction unit has video cameras installed in their police cruisers. In some cases , it boils down to your word against the police officers. A video tape is great proof of what happened. Whether you consent to a search of your car , made a confession , or did field sobriety tests. A impartial showing of the video tape can be critical.

This summer a citizen video taped a Murfreesboro, Tennessee police officer at a DUI roadblock that went viral. It is not against the law to video tape any police action . Buy a smartphone and hit the record button.