My Dad often said that "those that have the capital don’t get the punishment." Boy, he is still right on the money. Nashville Dr.Eddie Hamilton pleaded guilty last week of  to a misdemeanor heath care fraud charge. It seems the good doctor was billing Tenn Care and insurance companies for procedures he never performed. Dr. .Hamilton never even owned the machines that he said performed the tests. He over billed hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was more like theft. He paid 1.6 million dollars. In the same week , a banker pleaded guilty to a bank fraud case and was ordered to serve 21 months and pay restitution back once released.

Contrast  these cases where someone shoplifts less that $500.00 in Sumner County or Williamson County where they usually are sentenced to jail for a period of time. Shoplifting is a theft crime. Theft under $500.00 is a misdemeanor. Poor people who might be forced to shoplift which is wrong get punished harsher than someone who defrauds taxpayers in the hundreds of thousands. Does it seem right of fair. Why did the government let a person who admitted to health care fraud not go to jail ?  At least the banker got some time for his actions.


The point of the post is the little guy has to pay for his crimes while the white collar guys go free.