While I was working on this post in court yesterday , I mentioned it to a fellow lawyer who showed me this Chris Rock video on "How not to get your ass kicked."  Some of Chris Rocks tips are very similar to mine. Probation should be easy. There are simple rules like not get arrested and other rules. Here are my tips not to get your probation violated.

1. Smile when you meet your probation officer for the first time.

2. Be nice and pleasant to your probation officer. Remember your probation officer can send your butt to jail.

3.Send them emails , cards , letters. Hope they get tired of hearing from you.

4.Do not let anyone ride in your car. They may have something on them which could send you to jail.

5. Don’t have anything in your car. You probably signed a order consenting to a search anytime during probation.

6.See tip 4 and don’t ride in a car with anyone else.

7. Do not have a girlfriend or date. Also , be real nice and sweet to your wife. Just think domestic violence charge.

8. Don’t use drugs. You never know when that random drug test might pop up.

9.If you fail a drug screen , get your own drug screen as soon as possible.

10. Pay your court costs and fines off as soon as possible.

10.Satisfy all bond conditions as soon as possible.

Follow these tips in order to avoid a probation violation warrant .