I gave across a blog post by my friend Bruce Kessler who is a DUI lawyer from Florida. Bruce wrote about sitting in a courtroom on a Friday watching a trial of no major significance. His purpose was to watch the lawyers. The prosecuting lawyers were new and he was not familiar with them or their styles. So he took the time to scout his opponents much like a football coach watches film.

Here are a couple of ideas for those facing a criminal charge;

  • Go to court before your first court date. Look around and get a feel for the process.
  • Go to the court room of the judge that is hearing your case and see how they run their court room.
  • Going to trial ? Ask your lawyer when that DA is trying a case ?Then watch them cross examine a witness. You then will discover what is coming .

For criminal defense lawyers;

  • Ask around and get some transcripts of the DA that you are facing.
  • Ask your fellow defense lawyers about the DA.
  • Watch portions of a trial and get a feel of what questions the DA is going to ask or how he presents his or her proof.

Preparing your case is more than understanding the facts from one point of view. You must be open to knowing who the cast of characters are in the play that is called a trial.