In the past several weeks , I have read two articles on what to eat during trial. It is interesting to note that both suggested a high protein diet during trial. The first suggestion that I read was a discussion of having a healthy trial. In some cases , lawyers rush back to their offices planning and preparing for the next day of trial. Often leaving the lawyers tired and drained when they should be alert and ready for the unexpected.

Here is the suggestion for a healthy trial;

  • Have a breakfast with at least 20 grams of protein.
  • No carbs should be eaten.
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes before trial.
  • Instead of rushing back to the office , the trial team should gather for dinner and discuss the events of the day.

Houston Lawyer Mark Bennett recently wrote of the virtue of eating eggs during trial on a recent blog post. First , the protein boost gives you tremendous energy without the carb letdown. Then at lunch a hard boiled egg . No afternoon slump and you review during the lunch hour.

I never really thought that nutrition made you a better lawyer. Rather I wanted to master the rules of evidence and procedure. I was wrong. Nutrition can make a difference. In most cases , the government goes first. You voir dire or cross examine witnesses in the afternoon . Your tired.The jury is tired. So , I have conducted two experiments.

First , a jury trial in Franklin, Tn., a bacon and eggs breakfast before trial. No lunch which avoided carbs. I had great energy until we recessed for the night at 8:00 P.M. Next day was the same until the jury deadlocked in a DUI trial. Second , I just finished a bench trial. Another protein breakfast was eaten. At lunch , a couple of hard boiled eggs. I think the protein diet keeps one sharper during trial. Now , if I could just squeeze in the 30 minutes of exercise.