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Last year , I started reviewing the best hamburger joints in Nashville here at the Nashville Criminal Law Report . I had a ton of fun doing it , but I thought it might not be for a blog that was discussing serious criminal law issues. So, I discontinued the posts . Some people asked where were the posts . Where was I going to try next ? I missed it.  In the words of  The Terminator , "I’m back". I created a new category called outside the law which will give me an outlet to write about stuff I like .The first post is my burger review of The Pharmacy .

First time I tried to go it was slammed . Last Friday , I got in and grabbed a table. The vibe was vintage East Nashville . Hipster. Tres cool. The Pharmacy  wants to set itself up as a burger parlor , soda parlor , and a beer garden. It succeeds in all attempts .The backyard beer garden has my name on it for a future date nf a Friday afternoon of beer drinking .

I tried the Farm Burger . A eight ounce patty of Tennessee beef , country ham , egg ,and bacon with mustard . The condiments are extra . I asked the server what would be the best to go with the farm burger and he suggested just a simple slab of cheddar cheese . Confession. I like condiments. The crunch of an onion or pickle was needed. It was served on a bun from Provence . I thought the bun was squishy and took away from the burger .  Cooked medium . It was juicy and the meat was perfect. A hamburger is a mish mash of different ingredients that put together makes a great sandwich. The farm burger failed due to the bread and my choice of not ordering some condiments.

You had a choice of sides . I chose the tater tots. I did take a bite of my friend’s German potato salad . There was a star of the show . It was the milkshake. Since I had to work a little on a late Friday afternoon , I gave up the beer for a malted chocolate milkshake . One word describes it ,delish. I also sampled the root beer float which was equally good.

I definitely plan to go back and try a burger with the fixings. I give the farm burger as tried 3 out of 5 stars .