Our burger review this week took us back to East Nashville to Mad Donna’s. It was my first time there .It was a fun place with a open patio .I learned that it it is a popular brunch place on the weekends. I ordered a BAS burger which stands for bacon,avocado , and Swiss. 8 ounces of 100% Angus beef cooked to your liking.The typical sides to the burger were iceberg , a mealy tomato , and a red onion. I must admit that I like the red onion or a sweet onion. No grilled onions for me. I like the raw onion flavor. Toasted bun wrapped the burger. One interesting twist was the ranch dressing. Perfect foil to the avocado.Nothing special about the fries but they did offer sweet potato fries as well..

Vibe is great. I would have liked to have eaten outside but deferred. Price point was cool with a $24.00 tab for two burgers and drinks. Service was great with Reid .

Rating was three out of five stars.

By the way the photo was mine.

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