Dharun Ravi  was convicted last week on invasion of privacy charge as well as other charges . His criminal defense team tried to portray him as a jerky kid that meant no real harm. Mr. Ravi was charged for videotaping his roommate with his computer and then posting about it on Twitter .The jury rejected that defense and returned a guilty verdict.Ravi now faces prison and possible deportation.The New York Times reported Ravi turned down a plea bargain offer that would have required public service.

Here are a couple of thoughts why the kid defense did not work;

  1. Mr. Ravi did not take the stand to explain his conduct.
  2. Mr. Ravi gave videotaped testimony and admitted many of the facts of the case.
  3. Mr.Ravi tried to change electronic messages .
  4. It was alleged that Mr.Ravi tried to encourage a witness to change their testimony.

These facts indicate that the jerk kid defense would not work. The jury saw his taped interview, it had to be rebutted by his own testimony.

The biggest mistake was not accepting the plea bargain offer that was reported. The details were unclear but reports indicate it only included public service work.The risks of rejecting a plea bargain which avoids going to prison is always a gamble no matter how strong the defense.Being young and dumb is still a viable defense for youths charged with crimes , it appeared to the jury that Mr. Ravi may have been a little more sophisticated by his tweets.