It is not official but there may be a new tactic in how Metro Nashville police are handling patronizing prostitution cases in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the weekend , a prominent high school football coach was arrested for patronizing prostitution. What makes this case different is how the police start the process. Tennessee police officers have a option to issue a criminal citation in lieu of a arrest warrant . For years Metro police have issued criminal citations in lieu of arresting someone.It appears the police are now issuing arrest warrants in Nashville prostitution cases .

It appears there is a new trend to issue an arrest warrant . Why the change ?  It could be there is a public record of the arrest while the case is working its way in the criminal justice system . Or, the letters one gets in the mail from lawyers who prey on the arrest information to send you a letter to your home soliciting your business. So you make a mistake then your mailbox gets flooded with letters and postcards .


It is more important now than ever to get this type of case handled quickly and efficiently.