On December 2 2011 , I am moderating a panel discussion of  the following criminal court judges .They are ;

  • Judge Steve Dozier , Nashville , Tn.
  • Judge Dee Gay , Gallatin , Tn.
  • Judge Monte Watkins , Nashville , Tn.

The seminar outline covers some good topics like ;

  • Criminal Court Trial Tips
  • Motions For Discovery
  • Pretrial motions

Here is my request. If you want some topic covered in the seminar , please feel free to post a comment . I will add your comment to the agenda. For example , Judge Gay has a reputation for handing down some tough sentences . So , I am going to get some feedback on some tips for a successful sentencing hearing . One question is should a criminal defense attorney file a sentencing memorandum.

I look forward to your suggestions.