Scot Greenfield commented on a New York judge incarcerating a young man until his baggy pants were pulled up over his boxers. I must agree with Mr. Greenfield in that my personal style does not include baggy pants. However , it does with my son. I have no idea why it is fashionable. Personally , I don’t care what people wear in their day to day life. For me , I enjoy seeing some of the clothes that people wear from hipsters to urban clothes. A court appearance is a different matter because you are being judged by a District Attorney , a Judge , and sometimes a jury.

Most courts in Nashville have some type of dress code. No baggy pants , shorts , or revealing tops is the standard. Dressing for success still counts when you go to court facing a criminal charge. It can make a difference and I have seen it time and time again make a difference in plea bargaining discussions. Unfair as it may seem , a book is still judged by it’s cover.

I would suggest the following ;

  1. Men should wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. Coat and and tie if you want to and feel comfortable wearing it.
  2. For women , slacks and blouse is fine. Feel free to dress up more if you want .
  3. Use common sense. Wear what you wear to church , a wedding , or a funeral.

When your at the club or a concert wear whatever. In court , dress thinking about what kind of result you want in court. Put your best foot forward.