Jeff Woods of the Nashville Scene broke the story of Curry Todd’s DUI arrest in Nashville. Mr. Curry was the moving force behind the controversial bill to allow guns in bars . During the DUI investigation , a handgun was found. You can review his warrants here . Mr. Todd was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol , possession of a handgun under the influence of alcohol , and a violation of the implied consent law. Mr. Curry did not want to take a breath alcohol test after the police officer requested Mr. Curry to submit to the test.

There area a couple of points here. Don’t carry a pistol in a holster while you are under the influence of alcohol . It makes matters worse. Your booking photo can be used as evidence. judging from his booking photo his eyes are almost closed.  One thing that is critical in his defense is the traffic stop. It would be interesting to note why Mr. Todd was stopped by the police. The arrest warrant merely indicates he was stopped for a traffic violation. It does not articulate the precise reason. One of the best defenses to any driving under the influence case is whether the traffic stop was valid.