I must admit I don’t follow high publicity criminal trials.Once you walk in the trenches of the criminal justice system , you don’t want to spend your free time following another case.In 2011 , there are been two high profile criminal trials with different outcomes. First , the Casey Anthony case which almost caused Nancy Grace’s head to explode . Second , Amanda Knox’s verdict was shown on The Today show this morning where she received a welcome celebration. Why the difference ?Both were accused of murder.

Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her own child then concealing her death. Any criminal charge where a child is the victim of sex abuse , child abuse , or  murder , the case is treated differently. A jury wants to protect children. So , the presumption of innocence does not exist in the real world . Strike one against Ms. Anthony. Secondly,  Ms. Anthony was far from sympathetic . Stories of parties and her lifestyle disturbed the general public. Casey Anthony was cast by the media as a monster. However , the jury heard the evidence and found her not guilty. The American system of justice prevails .

Contrast the Anthony verdict with that of Amanda Knox. Ms. Knox was convicted at her first trial. Honestly , I don’t understand the Italian criminal justice system. Knox was convicted but an appeal court heard new evidence. Ms Knox’s fate would have been entirely different under American law. It was shown at the appeal that the DNA evidence was highly suspect. Also , Ms. Knox was convicted by a foreign court and most Americans didn’t trust the outcome. Ms. Knox’s defense organized a effective public relations campaign. Later , Ms. Knox was acquitted.

Both charged with murder. One is despicable. One is a returning heroine. It is not always about the facts , but the public perception of the reality. Is there unequal justice in the two cases ?