Here is a tweet from one of my favorite criminals on her failed court ordered drug test . The tweet is perfect for today’s post. Several weeks ago , Nashville lawyer David Raybin spoke at a meeting before the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Memphis, Tennessee. Mr. Raybin spoke about some common sense tips for those facing criminal charges in Tennessee . I did add one topic to this list

Here they are with my comments;

  • Change your email password and make it hard.

In these days of electronic media and the use of email. One needs to protect any electronic communication they send. One example might be in domestic violence cases where one spouse or significant other still has access to your email account. Also , wiretaps and other forms of electronic surveillance look to capture emails or texts.When you change your email password. , it might be a good idea to put characters in the password.

  • Get off Face Book , My space , and all forms of social media.

One of the first things some investigators do is search to see if you have a facebook account. I am sure you have seen crazy pictures posted. Let’s take it all down till the case is over. Don’t leave any trace of what you do on FaceBook.

  • Be aware that you may be subjected to court ordered drug testing.

In some counties such as Sumner County Tennessee and Williamson County, Tennessee you may be subjected to court ordered drug tests . For example , those that enter a plea to simple possession of drugs in the General Sessions Court for Sumner County are routinely subjected to drug tests at the plea. If they fail the test , 48 hours in jail may be in their future. Want a delayed report date in Williamson County on a DUI case ? You take a drug test. Fail .It’s off to jail for you .Once you are facing criminal charges be aware that you may be asked to take a drug screen at any time . Also , this applies to prescribed drugs . You have a ache and mom gives you a Lora-tab to help. You might be going to jail for a failed drug screen.

  • Don’t talk about your case from a jailhouse phone or a cell phone

I have written on this issue before so I rest my case.

These are some common sense tips to help you avoid any more problems other than being charged with a criminal offense in Tennessee . I am open to hearing about any more tips . Please let me know by posting them in the comment section.