One advantage of hiring a criminal defense attorney is that the attorney may discover ways to have your case dismissed or some type of plea bargain where the case may be expunged. One issue that comes up is how to answer a job application. My short answer is truthfully.  Two  potential lawyers who were denied admission to the Georgia bar  found out the hard way.

It appears they denied any criminal convictions on their law school admission application. However , they admitted the convictions on their applications to take the bar exam.  The State of Georgia denied them a law license.

The lesson is to always disclose a criminal conviction anytime the application asks for that information . In the age of the Internet , a few keystrokes can reveal your entire background in minutes. For college students , fight the case from the start. Don’t go to court alone . The government has a lawyer . You should too.One word of advice from my grandmother , " The truth never blushes’.