Yesterday ,   I posted on the trial of a woman who was shackled during labor by members of the Nashville Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Ms.Villegas was awarded $2300,000.00 by a Federal jury in less than an hour of deliberations. Brian Hass and Michael Cass of  The Tennessean reported on the trial during the week . My comments were focused on what lessons could be learned from the trial.

One of the post verdict comments focused on the award . Attorney Jerry Gonzalez stated it was his philosophy to not ask for anything in closing argument. I respectfully disagree with that strategy. A trial lawyer must  argue to the jury what Justice they want. In a civil case , the only thing a jury can do is award monetary damages. How will a jury know what the value of a case is unless they  are given a hint  ? In criminal trials each side always ask for the justice they want.