Here is a warning to all those who are accused of a criminal offense in Williamson County , Tennessee. Be ready to be drug tested at any of your court appearances.. Hold on you say. I am innocent . One of my constitutional rights is that I am presumed innocent of all charges until I am convicted by a jury or I plead guilty. I am sorry to report that you must be ready to take a drug test any time when a citizen is accused of a crime in Williamson County.

Ask for a continuance to apply for judicial diversion. Drug test. Delayed report date to jail for a DUI conviction. Drug test . the list goes on. Bottom line is once your arrested be ready to take a drug test. Currently, there are no laws concerning prejudgment drug tests. Drug tests are required once a citizen is placed on probation . The concept is that you are no longer presumed innocent at that time.


This is just a friendly warning . Best course is to stop smoking weed while your case is pending.