An arrest warrant is a written order which is made on behalf of the State of Tennessee and is based upon a affidavit of complaint issued pursuant to a statute which commands a police officer to arrest that person and bring them before a magistrate .  This is one way to start a criminal case in Tennessee .

There are some formal requirements of the arrest warrant.

  • The warrant must be signed by the magistrate .
  • It must contain the name of the defendant .
  • It must indicate the county in which the warrant was issued .
  • The warrant must describe the offense charged in the affidavit of complaint .

There must be some evidence that is probable cause  to believe a crime occurred. It can be based on hearsay evidence . The issuance of a warrant does not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Criminal Court Clerk in Nashville , Tennessee provides Internet access of warrants issued in Davidson County . Click here for the link to the clerk’s office for access to review your warrant .