I learned something new today in General Sessions Court for Sumner County in Gallatin today. Sumner County Sheriff’s deputies have some new tools at their disposal in prosecuting drunk driving cases . Deputies now have flashlight cameras to use in DUI enforcement.These cameras film most parts of the DUI investigation. The cameras have been in use in other parts of the country for over a year.

As I sat down  to watch the videos of the arrest and the field sobriety tests , I was shocked as to the quality of the video.There were pluses and minuses of the flashlight camera.Plus , it showed in  detail whether someone stepped off line on the walk and turn or other details of the field sobriety test.Minuses , it failed to capture the totality of the police interaction..

It’s my understanding Sumner County Sheriff”s Department and the Gallatin , Tennessee Police Department have the cameras at present time in Sumner County.My point is that video helps the accused in most cases.Today , the case was reduced to a lessor charge based on the video.

I am showing my age, but there was a T.V. show I remember called " Candid Camera".There was a line in the show " Smile Your On Candid Camera". Remember that if your stopped for a DUI in Sumner County , Tennessee.