It saddens me to report most DUI lawyers in Nashville, Tennessee have no clue as to the new DUI laws in Tennessee. The 2010 Tennessee State Legislature enacted several tough DUI laws. I have been been posting blog posts on the topic .I was asked to present a talk on the subject by the Tennessee Bar Association.The Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers sponsored a DUI training session where Sara Compher-Rice provided an excellent summary of the laws. I presented the new laws to a gathering of lawyers this month.Yet,lawyers have been asking me daily on the new DUI laws.

What does it take to be a great criminal attorney ?

Read and study the law and especially the new laws. It’s a crying shame that the new laws came into effect and they are just now learning a client can’t get bond on a DUI second offense.In Nashville , the General Sessions review docket is the answer. However , you have to hire a lawyer ASAP to get on the case.If you need help for a loved on with a DUI in Nashville or Middle Tennessee, send me an email

One last thought.If you are thinking about hiring a DUI lawyer ,ask them this question.How will the new Tennessee’s new drunk driving laws(DUI) impact my case ? I am curious to know their answer.