During a DUI traffic stop , the first thing a police officer asks is " Have you had anything to drink tonight ?"  Since we were young we have been taught to cooperate with the police.However, you can’t talk your way out of a drunk driving charge in this day and time.

What’s the correct response ?

  1. Do not admit to drinking.
  2. If the police officer continues to ask the question , ask if you are being investigated for a DUI or under arrest.
  3. Do not admit to any consumption of alcohol at any time of the evening.
  4. Do not admit to drinking certain drinks or the number of beers or drinks
  5. The best answer is" Officer I decline to answer any questions about alcohol."
  6. Ask to speak to your attorney.

The U.S. Constitution gave you a right that you don’t have to answer any questions by the police.Exercise that right.You can’t talk your way out of the DUI.Once an officer gets an answer that you consumed or drank alcohol . probable cause has been established to start a full blown DUI investigation.

Once you make any statements of alcohol use the district attorneys can question you about those statements. An admission of five beers and a couple of shots equals a DUI conviction.