Today , I had a case in the General Sessions Court for Maury County Tennessee at Mount Pleasant. I had a client that was charged  by the Spring Hill , Tennessee Police Department for theft , shoplifting , simple possession of marijuana , and felony evading arrest.As I was driving down , I was thinking did the court have jurisdiction of the case since it happened in Spring Hill,Tn.?

After I got to the court house and spoke with the Assistant District Attorney and the police officer.I  asked the question of venue.Venue is simply where the crime occurred.Spring Hill , Tennessee straddles the county lines of Maury and Williamson County.If the crime happens on the Williamson County side, the defendant is taken to Franklin, Tennessee for prosecution.Now here is the tricky part. The Spring Hill Police Department brings all of there cases to the General sessions Court in Mount Pleasant , Tennessee if the crime occurred in Maury County. Why ? First , it is a smaller court and the police officers get out earlier.Secondly , it is the position of the state that the court has concurrent jurisdiction of any case that happens in Maury County.

I can’t say I blame the Spring Hill Police.The court was friendly .The clerks and the probation officers were helpful and my client got a favorable plea bargain.