Yesterday , I felt like an old circuit riding lawyer.First stop was the courthouse in Shelbyville ,Tennessee.Next stop was General Sessions in Gallatin , Tennessee. In the office today , so I thought I would comment about the Scram device. A video on how the scram device works is the featured video on this post. However Pennsylvania DUI lawyer Justin McShane wrote a post on his blog about the Scram device. In a nutshell , the machine is designed to detect alcohol from the skin.Lindsay Lohan is the most famous of the Scram users. Here is a picture of her wearing it in a bikini no less.

Tennessee’s new and improved DUI laws go into effect in 2011. Expect to see the use of the Scram device increase in dramatic proportions. I would suggest reading Michigan DUI lawyer  Patrick Barone’s article on the scram device.Mr. Barone discusses the limitations of the alcohol monitoring device which I intend to follow up on the a future post. The price of a DUI conviction is going up. A great DUI defense may get you out of what Ms. Lohan experienced.