Hiring a Nashville ,Tn. DUI lawyer can be tough. After you get out of jail , your mailbox has more letters from lawyers than you get birthday cards.Some of these lawyers take your money , meet you at the courthouse , and take whatever the assistant district attorney is offering.How do you decide what drunk driving lawyer is right for you ?

Here’s a list of should ask questions (SAQ) on Nashville DUI cases that involve a breath alcohol test ;

  1. How does the breath alcohol machine work ?
  2. Have you ever filed a motion to suppress the results of a breath alcohol test ?
  3. Any success on suppressing a breath test result ?
  4. Do you have any specialized training on the breath alcohol machine used in Tennessee ?
  5. Where and how much ?
  6. Do I have any medical defenses to the breath test result ?
  7. How do you plan to deal with the breath test result ?


So ask these questions when meeting with a DUI lawyer.