Snitches or confidential informants are one of the standard tools that police and District Attorneys use in trying to obtain a conviction in a criminal case.. In two high profile cases here in Nashville , Tennessee the jail house snitch was used effectively. First , Perry March was tried of trying to arrange a murder of his former In-Laws from his jail cell. The state tried that case first and put Mr.March in jail based in large part of the snitch testimony.Secondly , Bruce Mendenhall was convicted in a murder for hire using a snitch as well.

Who makes the decision to develop jailhouse snitch testimony ?  I often read the Snitching Blog. Today , Alexandra Natapoff wrote about an interesting efforts to preclude jailhouse snitching. Here’s a copy of a motion designed to curtail jailhouse snitching. Take a look a homicide detectives that regularly use jail house snitches.

Thanks again to the Snitching Blog for their insights on this topic.