Another misconception about drunk driving cases are they are just like any other criminal case.Here’s an example. In the normal first degree murder case , the State of Tennessee will have the police do an in depth crime scene investigation. The, the assistant district attorney may order ballistics tests , blood splatter patterns and collect other forensic evidence. All that evidence is collected and subject independent analysis.

In  Tennessee DUI cases , a independent breath sample can be captured but it is not done nor does Tennessee law require it. Most DUI arrests aren’t video taped to preserve the evidence of the field sobriety tests

Some criminal defense lawyers don’t take the DUI cases seriously. It’s just a misdemeanor right. Wrong. Tennessee passes tougher DUI laws every year.It’s no longer a minor crime.

Here’s what a DUI lawyer must be know:

  1. Search and Seizure Law
  2. The Science of Field Sobriety Tests
  3. The Science of Alcohol Consumption
  4. The Science of Blood and Breath Alcohol Analysis


So , lawyers must take these cases seriously. These four topics should be asked of your DUI lawyer.