The Indystar reported about some potential problems in the bid process for the new breath test machines.It appears there may be some irregularities in the bid process. Supposedly , one of the competing companies only had one day to submit a bid proposal for a breath test machine.

Ryser, vice president of Draeger Safety Diagnostics, had been to Indianapolis three times to demonstrate his breath-alcohol testing product. But with just one day to bid, he recalled telling his colleagues, "Something is not good — and not right."

Intoximeters of St Louis , Mo. won the bid. Intoximeters will now provide the breath alcohol machines state wide in Indiana. Take a wild guess who sells breath test machines to the State of Tennessee ?

Here’s one other interesting tidbit. it appears the breath test machines diminish over time.Most Tennessee breath test machines have been in the field for years. Read this quote from the folks at Intoximeters.

There is another concern: The machines’ effectiveness can dwindle when they’re not being used.

Said Rankine Forrester, CEO of Intoximeters: "To say time has no effect would be disingenuous."

I guess the breath test machines aren’t infallible according to Mr. Forrester.