Here’s an update on drug interdiction tactics.  Simple Justice reported on a new book written by Andrew Hawkes on how a police officer can be a successful drug interdiction officer.  Mr. Hawkes has available for sale a book titled  " Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction".  Here is a list of the chapters from his book :

"Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction"


Chapter 1   – Instinct and Indicators
Chapter 2   – Playing the Percentages in Your Favor
Chapter 3   – Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion
Chapter 4   – The Contact and Interview 
Chapter 5   – The Investigation
Chapter 6   – Vehicle Search Techniques & Hidden Compartments

Chapter 7 –   Use of K-9

Chapter 8   – Arrest & Post Investigation

Chapter 9   – Report Articulation
Chapter 10  – Fourth Amendment & Racial Profiling
Bonus Chapter – Courtroom Demeanor

A few of his tips are:  putting the dope on the trunk of the car to let the video capture the image of the drugs, turning off the radar equipment, and questioning the passengers to see if everybody knows everyone’s names.

If you want more information on drug interdiction cases in Tennessee, I created a short video on the issue.