Elena Kagan has been selected as the next nominee to the United States Supreme Court.  SCOTUS Blog wrote a insightful piece of who Elena Kagan is in 9750 words.  Ms. Kagan appears to be a wonderful person, but has gained most of her experience working for elected officials or law schools.  The people of the United states deserve someone on the court that has lived a real life in the law.

Most of the appointees to the Supreme Court from various aadministrations have been from Harvard, Yale, or some other Ivy League law school.  I don’t assume all folks believe someone that went to a law school other than Harvard is incapable of any legal thought.  I was excited when a Federal Judge from Montana was under consideration.  He must have fished too much.

Ms. Kagan’s extensive legal career consists of the following:

1. Two years experience at The Washington D.C. firm of Williams and Connolly.

2. Ms.Kagan has argued a total of six cases before the U.S. Supreme Court

Not one jury trial was listed.  However, she is like most of her fellow judges.  They go to law school at the ivory tower law schools and pretend they can interpret the law for the citizens.

Here are some of my qualifications for being a judge:

  1. Visit a client in jail.
  2. Try a jury trial before 12 citizens.
  3. Have a law practice.
  4. Know how the court’s decisions affect the general public.
  5. Listen.
  6. Compassion.
  7. Treat litigants and their counsel with dignity.
  8. Defend the Constitution of the United States.

This is my short list.  My wish for the President and all future Presidents is to think outside the box.