The Scram device has been in the news since Lindsay Lohan was ordered by a judge to wear one.  I thought a little information on how the machine works might be helpful.  Here is a brief summary of how the machine works from the website of the Scramx :

  • Transdermal technologySCRAMx checks for alcohol consumption by detecting and measuring any ethanol that is present in your skin’s insensible perspiration. This process measures the alcohol that comes off the skin around your ankle and, unlike blood tests or other methods, is completely non-invasive to you.
  • Continuous monitoringSCRAMx automatically tests for alcohol consumption around the clock. You will notice a slight vibration while the bracelet takes a reading, but otherwise the monitoring process is transparent and minimally disruptive to your daily activities.

 I predict the use of the scram device will dramatically increase especially with the new DUI bail bond law coming into effect on January 1, 2010.