Brad Stone of the New York Times wrote an article on Crraigslist and law enforcements efforts to curtail it’s sex ads.Craigslist is the Internet site to go find prostitutes. Craigslist has collected over 36 million dollars in ad revenue recently on sex ads. Even , the mob has gotten into Craigslist. Members of the Gambino crime mob has recently been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for soliciting prostitution with minor girls on the popular Internet classified site.

Metro Nashville Police use Craigslist as well as the Backpages to post prostitution ads. The police post an ad and hope someone answers the ad and  the police set up an undercover reverse sting to arrest those who are engaging in patronizing prostitution.Metro Nashville Police even take photographs of those given a criminal citation and post their picture on the police website. It appears everyone is using Craigslist.