The popularity of mixing Red Bull, Vodka, and Jagermeister in cocktails is gaining among college students.A vodka bomb or Jager bomb is the drink of choice with Vanderbilt ,Belmont , and MTSU students.However,studies are finding that the combination of caffeine and alcohol create a poly-drug which can lead to a host of dangers.

DUI attorney Neil Shouse addressed some of these issues in a recent post on DUI Blogger .Mr.Souse reported that the caffeine in these types of energy drinks masks the effects of intoxication.A recent study on the issue at the University of Florida found that drinkers who leave a bar after mixing these drinks are four times more likely to drive home.

Allison Aubrey of National Public Radio reported on these findings from the University of Florida and a previous study by Wake Forrest University.

 "They believe the stimulant effect counteracts the depressant effect of alcohol," said Bruce Goldberger, a toxicology professor at the University of Florida and senior author of the new study. "But that’s not what’s going on."

In 2008,Anheuser Busch announced it would stop making alcoholic drinks that included caffeine.The Food and Drug Administration have urged beverage companies to prove these drinks aren’t dangerous.

In my college days, a Jack and Coke was as good as it got.