One of the main concerns of those charged with a crime in Tennessee is can my criminal record be expunged.Maybe.I created a video on "How to Expunge Your Record." In most cases, you can do it yourself. As part of my legal services for criminal cases, I do the expungement for you if you are eligible.A conviction can not be expunged.Here is a list of dispositions when you can get your record cleared.


2. A Retirement

3. A Nolle Prosequi

4. Successful completion of either Pre-Trial Diversion or Judicial Diversion

5.When you hear the words "Not Guilty"

If you need a expungement form, leave your contact information in the comment section and we will contact you.If you live out of state we can handle it for you for a small charge.

Protecting your record is critical.Avoid a conviction if possible.It is better to find a criminal defense lawyer  to investigate your case before you plead guilty.