Dahlia Lithwick covers the U.S.Supreme Court for Slate.Ms Lithwick reviewed  the book "Autobiography of an an Execution’ by David Dow. Mr. Dow wrote an autobiography of his work in defending those who got the death sentence.NPR interviewed Mr. Dow about his book and his work in the field of capital punishment.It was an excellant interview that I happened to catch.

In the "Upfront "section of the New York Times Book Review, Ms. Lithwick is asked the question of what Americans don’t know about the legal system.She replied :"That the legal system might be the single worst place to seek closure."  whatever closure is.Nobody is happy after a trip to  court.Nobody  ever feels vindicated or truly heard.."

I agree in some of her comments especially in the area of divorce or civil law.However, the criminal justice system provides closure.You enter a plea bargain ,the state may dismiss or you set it for trial.At trial, you will hear guilty of not guilty by the jury foreman . Case closed except for the appeals.