What does Twitter and DUI checkpoints have in common ? Apparently , Twitter is being is being used to warn DUI drivers of the location of DUI checkpoints around the country. USA Today"s Chris Woodyard  reported that police around the country will be setting up DUI sobriety checkpoints or roadblocks in an effort to arrest DUI drivers.The police are complaining that Twitters are posting tweets of the location of the DUI checkpoints.

I have to confess that I thought Twitter was just a novelty even when I signed up.Now , Fresno , Ca. police reports it is a commonplace occurrence that drivers are tweeting so fellow drivers can avoid a DUI roadblock.One police officer admitted that his daughter send him texts of the locations of the checkpoints.

There are several Tennessee court cases that address the legality of DUI checkpoints and roadblocks.One requirement is advance notict of the roadblock.Normally, the police have to make an annoucemnet of the location and duration of the DUI roadblock.If the police do not comply with the requirements the DUI arrest may not be valid.

I will try to post the locations on Twitter if I become aware of them. You can follow me at www.Twitter.com/RobMckinney