Review of Brandon's Bar and Grill

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This week's Nashville cheeseburger review takes us to downtown Nashville . Brandon's has been a downtown lunch spot for years . I always enjoy eating there for lunch so it was time for a formal review . I cozied up to the bar when Jeff came by to get my order . For some reason , I always enjoy the bar when I am eating alone .

The burger came with a option of white or whole wheat . Since  I am trying to avoid white bread , it was a welcome option .Toasted , There are several different cheese choices and hot pepper cheese it was . Fresh 90/10 Angus beef was the protein for the burger in a 5 oz. patty. Mustard , mayo , iceberg lettuce , pickle , and tomato were the dressing . One drawback was the onions were diced . I prefer a whole slice of onion to drape the burger Also , I like the onion raw not grilled a la  James Bond . The burger was solid .

Warning. Brandon's is smoking with the upstairs non-smoking . The vibe is downtown lunch crowd. Brandon's has a great old wooden bar for that adds nice touch.

3 out of 5 stars is awarded to Brandon's

Cheeseburger Review of Piranha's

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I am taking a break in preparing for a murder trial so I thought I would post my most recent Nashville cheeseburger review. For this review , I stayed close to my office on Second Avenue in Nashville and visited one of my favorite lunch spots Piranha's . Piranha's claim to fame is it 's take on a Pittsburgh favorite a Primanti Brothers sandwich . The Primanti Brothers created a sandwich for truck drivers in 1933 so that the whole meal would be on a sandwich so the truck drivers could eat and drive. Visit  Piranha's for that sandwich alone.

As I sat down to the bar , Kirk Evans came over and suggested I try the special cheeseburger Piranha's style rather than the basic burger . I again changed course on the burger review and ordered the special.

First , the bun was a corn duster . It appeared to have a little corn meal on the outside . Buttered and grilled made a nice touch . Eight ounces of fresh Angus beef . Question ? Why is Angus considered the gold standard of beef ? It was served Primanti style with sweet and sour Cole slaw , provolone cheese  , and fresh hand cut french fries all smashed together . I added a fried egg on top for  a little extra goodness. It was so big I couldn't get my mouth wide enough .

Great burger and great vibe makes Piranha 's one of downtown Nashville's best  places to stop and visit .

Four out of five stars are given to Piranha's .


Review of PM 's Cheeseburger

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Arnold Myint of Top Chef  fame has several restaurants here in Nashville. Today , I went to PM in search of Nashville's best cheeseburger. I was not disappointed .

The burger was framed by a great Kaiser bun .It still had a little flour on the top and placed on the grill for a few grill marks but no butter.I am watching my calories..It was the best bun yet.  Size of the burger was unknown . My server didn't know the size , however the burger is cooked to order.Medium was my choice and it was perfect. Choice of different cheeses .My choice was cheddar which wasn't fully melted. A small slice of romaine , sparse red onion , tomato was the condiments . No pickle which is required for a burger.Wasabi mayo make a nice treat.

Here is what made the burger. A super secret glaze sauce is added to the burger during the cooking process.They wouldn't  tell me what was in it. So , I asked for a bowl on the side. A mix of Thai chili sauce , BBQ sauce , and some other stuff is my guess. I couldn't breakdown what was in the sauce. I dunked the burger in the sauce for some extra flavor. Heaven.Steak fries with Kosher salt was the side.

Vibe was a restaurant not the dive bars like Brown's or Twin Kegs which I prefer. Close to Belmont did make it seem like a hip college place.

Five out of five stars. A must to try in Nashville.

Review of Dino's

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Since 1947 Dino's has been serving cold beer to those in East Nashville . They also serve up a mean cheeseburger.That's what took the Nashville Criminal Law Report to Gallatin Road for it's weekly cheeseburger review.

The bun frames the burger.Nothing special about the bun at Dino's.I have discovered that I personally like the bun grilled or toasted for an extra flavor level.The beef is fresh daily with a 90% beef and 10% fat ratio.The burger is one-half pound of beef.Once you bite into the cheeseburger  juices flow onto the plate.Cooked medium to  perfection by owner Rick Wildevoor.Served with the traditional fixings of tomato , pickle, a little onion , ketchup and mustard.I skipped the ketchup since I don't believe a proper cheeseburger should have ketchup.American cheese made it complete but it was not  melted. enough for my taste.Also , I like a whole slice of onion rather than a couple of pieces.That's just me.A draft served in a mason jar made it complete.I had lunch on a snow day so it was okay.

Dino's cheeseburger reminded me of a burger I cook in the backyard. It was thick and juicy but fell apart while you were eating it just like my house.

Vibe was dive bar classic as evidenced by the picture. The first time I went there somebody that went with me told me she always wanted to go there but  wasn't sure about.She even lives in East Nashville. Dino's is a must stop on your Nashville cheeseburger quest.

Four out of five stars.

Review of Gabby's

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Attorney Joshua Brand suggested I try Gabby's for a cheeseburger in my search for Nashville's best cheeseburger.Gabby's is located at 493 Humphreys Street in Nashville,Tn.It brought back great memories because it is in the former Hap Townes site.I could remember the stewed raisins once I entered the doors.On to the burgers.

I walked in and went to counter and ordered the standard cheeseburger.I asked for it the standard way they serve it..First , the bun is made by  Chapiers bakery.You can order it white or whole wheat which is a plus.It came with green leaf lettuce , chopped onion , tomato , pickle..Here is the problem.I didn't order it the way I liked it but they way they would serve it.The toppings were mustard , mayo , and ketchup.The condiments were way too much and took over the burger. I need to learn on my search to either take the burger as is or customize it to my tastes.My current plan may create some confusion in the tasting process due to my  personal likes and dislikes.

The burger was five ounces of grass fed beef. According to the take out menu grass feed beef is 100 calories less than regular hamburger..There is no hormones or antibiotics.i spoke with the gentleman who ran the counter who I think was the owner who  went to great lengths as to why they went with grass fed beef.I couldn't taste a difference between grass fed or regular beef.So I vote for health over fat.

The fries were great.I got a special treat by getting a couple of fried sweet potatoes as a bonus for asking a bunch of questions.Gabby's is a must for a burger and the sweet potato fries.The vibe is an old school hamburger counter from times  gone by.

Solid burger and I enjoyed my visit and the conversation.

Four out of five stars

My First Cheeseburger Disappointment

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As I start week four on the quest to find Nashville's best cheeseburger , I got my inspiration from a feature from The Nashville Tennessean. I read an article from the paper and  had court in General Sessions Court in Franklin,Tn. So I thought I would stop in for a burger.The bar had a nice feel, decorated well, and I felt at home.I plopped down to the bar.Asked the waitress what the best burger was and ordered.Mistake was mine.This was a deviation from the best burger search because I ordered a specialty burger.

Melrose Pub gets their beef from a local supplier .it's beef is free from hormones and other bad stuff . After, I ordered I saw all the great fare heading to the tables from my perch on the bar.My mistake was ordering the bleu cheeseburger.Four great main ingredients ,bacon , beef , onions, and bleu cheese combined to make a poor burger.A heavy hand with the bleu cheese crumbles overpowered the rest on the flavors.Taste was all bleu cheese until the last few bites.Bacon cooked perfect.Red onions provided a little vegetable.Beef looked great.Combined..Overwhelming.The bun was steamed from something which lost the taste of the toasted bun.

I am going to give the Melrose Pub another review in the coming weeks just on the cheeseburger.I did learn something.Specialty burgers are not what they might be advertised.You read about the great flavors and anticipate them.However, balance is the key.

I give the bleu cheeseburger at Melrose Pub 1 out of 5 stars.Now if you love the taste of bleu cheese give it a try.

Next week , I hope to have a dining companion who   has asked to join me in my quest. Hint.He is a writer who I hope will improve my poor review writing style.I just hope he can put up with my court schedule.Till next week.If you want to suggest any burger joints, please post them in the comment section of the blog.


Review of Twin Kegs Cheesburger

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The third installment of my search for Nashville's best cheeseburger took me to the "International Famous' Twin Kegs. I met owner Todd Rossbach who gave me a little history about the place.It became Twin Kegs in 1974.It has been one of Nashville's best dive bar since the name change.

On to the burgers, I had a regular cheeseburger.It was served on a 4 inch bun and it held 6 ounces of fresh ground beef .Twin Kegs gets their hamburger daily from Osborne's Grocery Store on Nolensville Road.The bun was lightly toasted on the flat top grill which gave it a little crunch.One slice of American cheese and a slice of Swiss made a great cheese taste without overwhelming the beef.If you really hungry try the Big Bad Burger.served on a 8 inch bun 12 ounces of beef and bacon.

I really liked the grilled bun.It make a nice layer of flavor and texture to the burger.Also, Todd mixes up his own seasoning for the hamburgers.He wouldn't tell me what it contained , but he did tell me it had a little cayenne pepper for a little Cajun spice.I couldn't really taste any heat in the seasoning.

The vibe was dive bar classic.The long shuffleboard table completes the bar scene.

Five stars out of five is my rating.

One last thing.A friend of mine of reads the blog for criminal law information asked me why I was writing about cheeseburgers in a criminal defense law blog.It's boring writing about the law everyday and it's fun finding Nashville's best cheeseburger.On to the next cheeseburger next week.


Review of Brown's Diner Cheeseburger

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Brown's Diner is still the gold standard for Nashville cheeseburgers along with Rotiers.Browns started business in 1931 in an old trailer.I still eat in the old part with Terry the daytime bartender and Gordie on the weekends .It is old Nashville at it's finest.

On to the burgers , the hamburger is served with mustard as the condiment,Cheeseburger has mayo. I wonder why the difference.The cheeseburger at Browns is fresh beef.Pattied out to perfection.Served with chopped lettuce , onion either raw or grilled, mayo,tomato,and pickle. Browns burger is different from the Hermitage Cafe burger in the beef is the focus of the burger ,In Hermitage's cafe Burger , the cheese overpowers the beef . Also, browns is not as greasy as the Hermitage Burger,Ton of flavor and just the right size makes the Brown's Diner burger take first place so far.The icy cold mug of Bud to chase it down added a delightful upside.

The vibe also gives Browns an edge.Regulars make the difference with some great conversation at the bar.Long time bartenders are a plus as well.You owe to yourself to try a Browns burger here in Nashville.

Browns gets five stars out of five.