Mark Chesnut Verdict

A Davidson county jury returned a verdict in the Mark Chesnut shooting of attempted first degree murder. The co-defendant who shot Officer Chesnut plead guilty on the morning of trial. The key question that had to be determined by the jury was the defendant criminally responsible for the shooting. In Tennessee , a person is just as guilty as the man that pulled the trigger if the jury finds he was criminally responsible for the criminal act.

Here's the law :

A person is criminally responsible for an offense committed by the conduct of another, if:


(1) Acting with the culpability required for the offense, the person causes or aids an innocent or irresponsible person to engage in conduct prohibited by the definition of the offense;


(2) Acting with intent to promote or assist the commission of the offense, or to benefit in the proceeds or results of the offense, the person solicits, directs, aids, or attempts to aid another person to commit the offense; or


(3) Having a duty imposed by law or voluntarily undertaken to prevent commission of the offense and acting with intent to benefit in the proceeds or results of the offense, or to promote or assist its commission, the person fails to make a reasonable effort to prevent commission of the offense.

Base upon Tennessee law if the jury found the defendant gave the gun to the shooter. The co-defendant is just as guilty.

DUI's and College Students

Nashville , Tennessee was named recently as the fourth best college town in America. In Nashville , we are lucky to have Vanderbilt , Belmont , Tennessee State , David Lipscomb , Fisk and several other fine schools. Right down I-24 in Murfreesboro , Tennessee is MTSU. College students away from home sometimes have brushes with the police especially with alcohol and DUI charges. Here is a short video explaining the various issues with college students and the criminal process.

Tips on Dealing With The Tennessee Department of Human Services

A  Tennessee child sex allegation or a child abuse allegation usually starts with a visitor from the Tennessee Department of Children's Services followed by a visit from the police. The DCS investigator must follow a CPS investigation checklist which includes calling the District Attorney's office upon a report of severe abuse or sexual abuse allegations. Here's a short video on how to deal with the knock at the door by a  Tennessee Department of Children Services investigator.

How to Clear Your Criminal Record in Tennessee

I had a question posted by someone on the expungement process in Tennessee. The question is " In expunging you record with multiple jurisdictions do you have to go to each individual courthouse". The answer is you must go to each county in which the criminal charge was filed to complete the expungement procedure. I re-posted the video on " How to Expunge Your Record in Tennessee ". Also , I have created some videos on various issues in the area of DUI and criminal defense on You Tube.